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Duct System Testing, Indoor Air Quality, Load Calculation, and Temperature Zoning in Dallas – Ft.Worth (DFW) Metroplex

The Levy and Son team is committed to giving our customers the finest in comprehensive air conditioning system repair. Therefore we offer more than merely AC installation and repair. We provide our customers duct testing, indoor air quality evaluation, load calculation, and temperature zoning.

  1. Duct Testing
  2. Indoor Air Quality
  3. Load Calculation
  4. Temperature Zoning

Duct Systems Testing Brings Savings and Comfort

In residential central heating and cooling systems, the conditioned (heated or cooled) air is delivered to each room through a duct system. The first half of this system delivers the conditioned air to each room, while the second half returns air to the heating and cooling system. The condition of these duct systems significantly impacts the efficiency and energy use rates of the air conditioning system.

While inefficient ducts certainly impact the energy efficiency of a home, they also affect a home’s air quality. A leaky return duct system can allow stale or polluted air into the conditioning system, allowing contaminants to be distributed throughout the home. The air may come from the attic, furnace, water heater, or exterior of the home. Meanwhile, if the supply ducts are not airtight, the home may become depressurized, causing air to be drawn in from outside through infiltration. Duct leaks allow impurities to seep into a homes air. The impurities contribute to breathing problems like allergies and asthma.

At Levy and Son, we can inspect and test your duct system to identify leaks. We can seal, repair, or renovate damaged ducts. If necessary, we can even fabricate new ductwork. Industry guidelines suggest that duct testing should accompany the installation of any new heating or air conditioning system. We use carefully calibrated equipment to detect both leaks and pressure problems. back to top

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation Protects Health

Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air pollutant levels may be two to five times higher than the pollutant levels outdoors. Pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen, mold, dust, and animal dander can create asthmatic and allergic reactions. These pollutants may also cause symptoms like sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, headaches, tiredness, dizziness, and difficulty breathing.

The contaminants can be recycled in the home through faulty duct systems. Indoor air quality evaluation can identify how pollutants enter the home. While it is not possible to completely eliminate all contaminants, Levy and Son can help homeowners significantly reduce the presence of these contaminants through several methods:

  • Filtering: We apply and install MERV 16 high-efficiency filters, which can remove up to 90 percent of the dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and viruses in the air. Paired with a well-designed, thoroughly maintained AC system, filtering drastically reduces the particulates in the air.
  • UV-Germicidal: For years, ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal light has been used as a disinfectant. Suitable for sterilizing surfaces in salons, hospitals and food preparation environments, UV Germicidal can be applied to indoor coils to prevent growth of all kinds of molds.
  • Humidity: During the cold season, it may be necessary to add humidity to the heating system. As the heating system dries out, door and window frames can shrink, allowing outside air infiltration and heat loss. back to top

Load Calculation Optimizes Air Conditioner Function

The foundation of any system starts with proper engineering and design. Levy & Son performs computerized load calculations based on nationally accepted standards and principles for each individual design. Through this careful calculation, we ensure your home will be comfortable room by room, summer or winter. back to top

Temperature Zoning

Control heating and cooling comfort where you want it, when you want it. You don’t need to heat empty rooms, or over-cool one area in order to be comfortable in another. Zoning makes it possible for everyone to be comfortable. A zone system uses dampers in your duct systems that open and close as needed, based on each zone’s thermostat settings. When a zone is at the selected temperature, and does not need heating or cooling, the damper closes to save energy and maximize comfort.

Temperature zoning is extremely effective for the two-story home with only one system, rooms that are too hot or cool year-round, seasonal heating problems due to large windows, sliding doors, or sun location and rooms that are not fully utilized year round. back to top

Contact the heating and cooling experts at Levy and Son for comprehensive heating and air conditioning services, environmental testing, and ductwork maintenance and repair.

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